Why Matrix?

Matrix is your able partner in implementing cloud computing solutions. We guide you to the best of technologies. Help select suitable applications for your business. And integrate your work system with highly scalable solutions.

Google Cloud Services: Your Turn-Key Solution to a Fully Connected Business

Staying productive means having real-time information and more efficient collaboration. That’s why we help businesses set up reliable and secure cloud computing solutions for increased productivity and more efficient operations.

As a Google Apps Partner in Malaysia for many years, we have already helped many small businesses and large enterprises integrate their business seamlessly to the cloud. Each one is now working better, smarter and faster with no messy hardware involved, no IT knowledge required, and best of all, no stress.


How Google Cloud Services Hold Businesses Together

Improve the communication, data storage, collaboration and management within your company by using G Suite by Google Cloud.

Over 650 Google engineers (including top experts) stand behind G Suite to provide more cost-effective and secure solutions for collaboration and management. Over 5 million businesses (including Fortune 500 corporations) have already implemented G Suite which includes:

  • Professional email (name@yourcompany.com)
  • Google Hangouts and Gmail (for communication and collaboration)
  • Google Drive (create documents, spreadsheets and presentations and share with colleagues)
  • From 30GB to unlimited online data storage plan
  • 24/7 live support
  • Advanced and more secure admin controls
  • Mobile device management (keep company data secure)

We Take Care of The Hard Part, So You Can Enjoy The Benefits

We at Matrix Connexion help companies implement Google Cloud Services by providing full-service solutions to your business needs.


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The result is a seamless and smooth transition to a more efficient, reliable and secure solution to your management and operations.

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Why Choose Matrix as Your Cloud Service Provider?

Since 2006, we’ve been helping businesses implement web-based solutions so they can get ahead or stay ahead of the competition.

Increased productivity and capacity, cost savings, world-class infrastructure, and faster collaboration are some of the things our clients experienced when they started using G Suite with our professional assistance.

Our clients have saved thousands of dollars from server management and software updates. Now, the ultra-reliable servers of Google are taking care of our clients’ entire IT infrastructure.

Hear From Our Clients

They put the best foot forward with our advanced solutions. And they are on cloud nine!

"Deployment was very easy and there were no major issues since Google Apps supports user choice, enabling us to have a gradual transition."


"Going Google will transform the way our employees interact with technology and collaborate with each other at every level of the organization."

Woolworths Limited

"Google Apps has helped HSR improve information flow and collaboration, leading to better engagement with our agents"


"Now we can make quick progress working across international borders such as reaching inmediate decisions with our assistant manager in Brazil."

MS Autotech

"With the help of Google Calendar, Google Docs and the use of one live file, a solution can be formed within 30 minutes to one day, compared to several days."

KFC Philippines

"Online fashion retailer THE ICONIC operate at a rapid pace, growing from a small Australian start up to the market leader in just 9 months. To keep up with this pace, they use G Suite allowing their staff to connect, communicate and collaborate as effectively as possible. This enables teams to innovate quickly, optimize their operations and reach their customers faster."


"We equip all of our stores with tablets so customers can browse products and employees can access resources about custom orders and pricing using the Google Drive mobile app."

Meena Bazaar

"Google Maps helps us match drivers with riders for all kinds of trips from a single app — long drives between cities, regular commutes and short hops around town. Riders pay only what’s needed to cover a driver’s costs, like gas and wear and tear."


"Combining self-service touch screens with dynamic menu boards, the Commercial Chrome technology is already providing a huge return on investment."

Famous Fish

"Google Apps ensures that we get first-hand information instantly and that has definitely helped us become better communicators."

Krungthai Bank

"Google Apps ensures that we get first-hand information instantly and that has definitely helped us become better communicators."

Revenue Harvest

"Today, our employees are able to access their corporate emails on-the-go with Google Apps. Employee productivity has thus increased and customers are happy with the bank’s efficiency,"

Erel Bank (Arig Bank)

"No matter where we were, or what device we were on, we could make adjustments to files and discuss everything from breathability to elasticity with Hangouts."

All Nippon Airways (ANA)

"We’ve grown our company using Google Apps from day one, and I can’t imagine working any other way. Once you've worked this way, there’s no other way to work. And we’ve saved thousands of dollars by not having to hire people to manage servers or perform software updates, as these are automated with Google."

Shoes of Prey

"Now that we’re on Google Apps, we’re all on the same page—literally! The switch to Google Apps increased our productivity by allowing us to work anytime, anywhere."

Fairfax Media

“Everything that my IT team used to manage themselves when supporting the insurance agents -machines, bandwidth, infrastructure, capacity – is now taken care of by Google."


"Google enables POSCO to build a world class collaboration and communications platform that empowers us to build a smart workplace.”



Among all the cloud service providers, Google Cloud is among the best and most funded. Their engineers perform several diagnostics a day and ensure all the servers are in top performance. They also use advanced detection systems to find and troubleshoot any server problem.

That’s why Matrix Connexion is happy to help businesses implement Google Cloud Services. This way, companies can take advantage of superior, secure, and reliable technology Google has to offer.

Try Google Apps and so much more free for 30 days.

Now, there’s no reason not to get hooked on the cloud. Contact us and let us help you implement cost-effective, scalable, secure and reliable cloud solutions if you need to gain a competitive edge and promote innovation in your company.

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